Sunbury dentists delight patients with the results of effective and discreet Inman aligners

Having crooked and misaligned teeth is a common complaint in the United Kingdom. Not only does it make your smile not look as good as it can do, it can also have implications for the health of your mouth. If your teeth are not aligned correctly, it can contribute to patients grinding their teeth in their sleep – known as bruxism – which can cause teeth to become damaged as the enamel is worn away. Inman aligners are an effective way of improving the look of your smile by straightening out your crooked teeth.

For many, many years, the only option available was for patients to be fitted with a traditional metal brace. These devices left patients with a mouth full of metal that could leave their confidence suffering for the years they had to wear the brace. Inman aligners can deal with many of the same problems as braces without the afore mentioned disadvantages.

First off, Inman aligners are far more discreet than braces. Instead of all the metal brackets and wires, Inman aligners work with just one visible part, a bar running across the front teeth. This increased discretion will be welcome news to any teenager who is worried about the look of a brace. Teenage years are awkward enough with the trials and tribulations of puberty. Inman can at least eliminate the extra discomfort of having a brace.

They are far more efficient than traditional, metal braces too. They work in just six months, achieving a set of straight teeth by using a concealed, coiled spring that pushes the teeth against the straightening bar. Your Sunbury dentist will be able to tell you all about Inman aligners and how they work if you are interested in this effective solution to a crooked smile.