Sunbury dentists create perfect teeth with Six Months Smile treatment

If you have been put off the thought of wearing braces for several years then you might be interested in a revolutionary new treatment that is taking British dentistry by storm and leaving patients amazed at the results. Six Months Smile treatment can correct crooked smiles in just six months, a fraction of the time you used to have to wear a brace for.

Six months is just a quarter of the average time that patients wear traditional braces for. In that period, Six Months Smile can correct problems with crowded teeth, overbite and issues with the spacing of your teeth. What’s more, it costs about half the amount the traditional braces do even though this highly specialised product has to be shipped over the dedicated Six Months Smile laboratories in the United States of America.

They comprise tooth coloured brackets which are attached to the problem teeth and then slowly adjusted by your dentist every four or five weeks. These appointments only take about fifteen minutes so they can easily be fitted in around even the busiest of schedules.

The fact that they are so discreet means that you need not have your confidence dashed like wearers of traditional braces have for so long. The wires are made of nickel titanium which are light but incredibly hard wearing and durable.

Six Months Smile is able to be so quick because it focuses on the teeth which can be seen when you smile rather than the ones that can’t be seen. If you are interested in the speed and efficiency of Six Months Smile, talk to your Sunbury dentist today and see if they are registered with the company.