Sunbury dentists are experts in kids teeth too

Dentists are not only expert in the area of adult teeth. During their rigorous training they also come to know all about the way that children’s teeth work and need to be cared for. This is good because kids teeth need just as much care as adult teeth and any problems that are developed during childhood can lead to life long difficulties that are frankly best avoided.

Essentially the maxims at the heart of looking after the oral health of children are not much different to that of adults. They should be avoiding plaque and looking to strengthen the enamel on their teeth as much as possible. Alongside this, dietary considerations can help with avoiding tooth decay. But the difference is that children have to be taught to take responsibility for the health of their teeth because they are in the care of their parents or guardians.

This is the real challenge of those looking after children: trying to instil in them a sense that they need to take care of their own teeth. Starting early with this idea will do no harm at all. Encourage children to brush their own teeth from a young age but be careful to keep an eye on them. Sometimes children can brush with some aggression and this can damage their gums. Be careful with how much tooth paste they are using and be aware that infants are advised not to use fluoride tooth paste.

Take your children to see their Sunbury dentist so that they feel relaxed and comfortable with being in the dental surgery. This will equip them for the routine of adulthood where they should be going for a check up every six months.