Sunbury Dentist Recommends Teeth Straightening the Invisalign Way

Crooked teeth are both cosmetically unappealing and risky for your dental healthy. Braces have been commonly used to helps straighten teeth. Unfortunately most braces are unsightly and uncomfortable. With a row of metal running along your teeth it becomes difficult to eat properly, simply eating an apple becomes a challenge as it gets stuck and tangled in the braces. Invisalign is a new technology that is changing our perception of braces. Developed out of a clear plastic material, Invisalign braces are almost invisible to other people.

Teeth straightening the Invisalign way allows you to smile and laugh without embarrassment. Unlike traditional braces there is no permanent fixture or adjustable parts. The process involves the use of a new brace every two weeks, which progressively straighten your teeth into the correct position. Each set is specifically designed for you will apply the right amount of pressure to gradually, with each step, reposition your teeth. Since the thin, clear plastic is designed to fit snugly against your teeth they become inconspicuous. Since they are removal it is possible to enjoy all foods, there is no need to avoid foods that might get stuck in your brace.

The length you may need to wear Invisalign will vary depending on your condition but will normally be for around 1 year, quicker than many older models of braces. Invisalign are design to realign your teeth and not as protection against sugar and plaque, it remains essential that you continue to brush your teeth and floss regularly to assure good oral health. You Sunbury dentist will be able to produce the perfect set of Invisalign braces and explain how you can end up with the perfect smile.