Sunbury Dentist Can Treat Gummy Smile

While smiling, do you feel you are showing too much gums, in comparison to the amount of teeth that you show? This so-called “gummy smile” can be treated and corrected by your Sunbury dentist. Some causes of a “gummy smile” are: faulty tooth eruption; your upper lip moving higher than it should move; and jaw bone and teeth developmental anomalies. Your dentist will perform a complete dental examination and take impressions and radiographs of your teeth and surrounding hard oral tissues. Your dentist will then evaluate your smile line, facial muscles, size and shape of your teeth, and gingival tissue configuration.
Dental treatments for a “gummy smile” are dependent upon the extent of the problem. Your dentist may refer you to the proper dental specialist to rectify this problem. You may be referred to an orthodontist, oral surgeon, or periodontist, or a combination of these specialties. Your treatment may include: dental laser treatments; surgical lip repositioning, orthodontics, recontouring of the gingival tissue and/or underlying bone, and/or maxillofacial surgery if required to relocate the bone. Therefore it is important for you to visit your Sunbury Dental Clinic in order to educate yourself when it comes to “gummy smile.” This way you and your dentist can work together can get you the best result possible. This may seem like a rather easy dental procedure, and it is in many cases. However, some of the treatment procedure(s) for “gummy smiles” may at times be complicated.