Sunbury dentist advises on the difference between dental veneers against teeth whitening methods

As far as it appears on the surface, both methods work very well, both in procedure and look. The biggest difference is seen in the different ways they both solve certain problems, and of course the cost. Lets look at teeth whitening first says a Sunbury dentist, this is a method that doesn’t necessarily need a dentist as most practitioners are trained in few days. Most of this is done at salons and is a quick method, although it doesn’t last for too long compared to veneers. A home bleaching kit is also available on the net and at most chemists shops, this involves just mixing a solution and then putting it into a gum shield, that then goes onto the teeth and bleaches them white or at least a whiter shade of white. The salon method involves a gel that is applied to the teeth, the gums, lips and tongue are protected by a rubber shield, and an intense light source then bombards the teeth to react with the gel, this is done over an hour in 3 x 15 minute sessions. Veneers are a different story all together; they can be used to not only whiten teeth, but to cover up defects. A veneer is a thin covering much the same as a false nail; it is glued to the tooth in much the same way too. It can cover a multitude if sins also, and that can be anything from a chipped tooth, to a crack and even a misaligned tooth in some cases. It lasts a lot longer as well and they are easily replaced if they come loose or get damaged. Obviously veneers cost more than a simple whitening, which can cost as little as £200 or even less for the home kits, but the advantages of veneers outweigh the cost against just a quick whitening.