Stunning Teeth with Porcelain Veneers in Molesey

Some fads come and go in Molesey but the really good ideas tend to stick around and it’s the same in the dental world and one old warhorse that isn’t going anywhere is the porcelain veneer and there are a lot of reasons why this treatment is still around after so many years. It’s an easy job to do for a start and in a couple of weeks the veneers will be cast from an imprint taken of your teeth and simply cemented over the prepared teeth. They are remarkable for covering up general wear and tear in the teeth and also restore the length of the teeth back to how they were; they will cover up gaps and even remove signs of recession in the gums. Now porcelain that is wafer thin you would think is not going to be strong but once it is cemented on the tooth’s surface it quadruples in strength making it durable for up to a good 15 years. But porcelain’s real strength lies in its beauty: wonderfully translucent, it holds an immense natural sheen and once it is fitted you will be shocked at just how beautiful your smile is. And the price is quite beautiful too so get to the dentists and check out the options.