Straightening Your Teeth with Veneers in Molesey

There are a lot of options open to you in Molesey to straighten your teeth. Unfortunately, however, some of these can be quite a lengthy procedures, for which a lot of people are not prepared to sign up to.

But there are alternatives and good ones too. One such option are veneers and you can sit down with your dentist and discuss the possibilities of having veneers fitted if your teeth are healthy but you fancy a fix in just a couple of weeks.

Veneers will first involve preparation and this will mean shaving away the front surfaces of the teeth until they are flat. An imprint of your teeth is then taken and sent away so that your veneers can be made. During this time you will be fitted with temporary veneers until the proper ones come back. They will then be cemented onto your teeth and polished.

Veneers are durable and will last you a good 15 years. Your teeth no longer look crooked and are straight for the first time, giving you new feelings of confidence.