Straight teeth without the sacrifice with Invisalign braces form Surbiton dentist

For patients not blessed with naturally straight and even teeth, a perfect smile can be achieved by wearing orthodontic braces. In the past, patients have been limited to fixed-metal braces that are both ugly and uncomfortable, which could have a serious impact on their lives. Fixed braces were not only aesthetically unpleasant but they also made eating a messy experience and certain foods were off the menu completely. Braces are unfortunately most effective during the developing teenage years, meaning that patients in their most difficult and emotionally challenging years would stand out from the crowd. Luckily, advances in dental technology provided an answer in the form of Invisalign clear plastic retainers.

Created by Align Technologies in 1999, Invisalign retainers are one-millimeter thick see-through plastic retainers designed and manufactured for each individual’s teeth. A series of twenty or so retainers, worn for a period of two to three weeks each, gradually moved teeth into a the desired position. The retainers are made using the latest computer-aided design and manufacture technology to provide straighter teeth with the minimum amount of discomfort. Because the retainers are see-through, they are almost impossible to see when fitted over the teeth, unless standing very close to the patient.

Even more importantly, Invisalign retainers are completely removable so they can be taken out at meal times and for important social occasions. This again reduces the impact on the patient’s life and creates no restrictions on what they can and can’t eat. The retainers are easily cleaned with normal toothbrushes and tooth paste.

Invisalign retainers really do offer straighter teeth without the sacrifice. Treatments usually last between one and two years which is slower than some other retainers on the market, but because of the reduced impact of treatment and quality of results, is rarely an issue for most patients. If you suffer from misaligned teeth and are looking for a discreet and pain-free way of straightening them, make an appointment with a Surbiton dentist to discuss the benefits of Invsalign plastic retainers.