Straight teeth in six weeks with Inman aligner from Surbiton dentist

The Inman aligner is a revolutionary new orthodontic tool that can straighten teeth in a fraction of the time it takes for normal metal braces or clear plastic retainers.

For patients who wish to have their teeth straightened, the choice has previously been between effective but ugly and unpleasant metal braces or discreet but very gradual plastic retainers. For teenager, in the most emotionally unstable years of their development, the idea of wearing braces is often a terrifying one. No teenager wants to be easily identifiable or singled out and braces can be the source of great embarrassment. Although plastic braces have been on the market in the last fifteen years, the treatment period is often very long, in some cases over two years and does not always guarantee good results.

The Inman aligner has offered a genuine alternative to these two choices. Although not completely invisible, the astonishing speed of results obtained by the Inman aligner means most patients are able overlook the single metal bar that sits in front of the teeth. In most cases, results show between six and sixteen weeks with the Inman aligner, incredible given the months and years other treatments require.

Like all orthodontic appliances, the Inman aligner can cause some initial discomfort but this soon fades after the first few days. Other than this minor discomfort the aligner is completely painless. It works by using a coiled spring to push the teeth at the side outwards, allowing room for the front teeth to straighten. It is most suitable for minor overcrowding or spacing issues (more serious cases of overcrowding and spacing may require more substantial treatment) but for patients who desire the finishing touches to their smile the Inman is the perfect tool. The Inman aligner also has the added bonus of being completely removable, so unlike other orthodontic treatments it does not prevent the eating of certain foods.

The Inman aligner has shaved months off effective orthodontic treatment. It has brought the art of teeth straightening well and truly into the new millennium and now means that wanting straight teeth no longer involves the sacrifice of one or two years of your life feeling self-conscious about intrusive metal braces. Ask a Surbiton dentist today if the Inman aligner would be a suitable tool to help straighten your teeth.