Spread a healthy smile with Inman aligners from Surbiton dentists

Having straightened teeth is something that millions of people have been able to experience thanks to braces. But although they are very effective they can be inconvenient to patients, especially given that they sometimes need to be worn for as long as three years. What many young people struggle with is having a mouth full of unsightly metal brackets and wires during a time in their life when social situations can be awkward enough anyway.

Thanks to Inman aligners, you can now have your teeth straightened in a manner just as effective as with traditional braces but in a fraction of the time and without all the metal in your mouth. The average time that Inman aligners need to be worn is less than six months and some treatment lasts just six weeks.

Inman aligners are completely removable and can be cleaned with ease; another advantage over traditional fixed braces which can easily become messy. Furthermore they are incredibly discreet, with just one straightening bar running across the front teeth as the only visible part of Inman aligners. Because Inman aligners work using a coiled spring on the inside of the mouth, there is no need to have any brackets or wires on display when you smile.

Rotation of teeth cannot be achieved using Inman aligners but any small alignment issues can be rectified by the treatment which, amazingly, costs about the same as many orthodontic treatments. Contact your Surbiton dentist today for more information about how Inman aligners can give you a perfectly aligned smile quickly and effectively.