Spotting the early Symptoms of Dental Cavities in Weybridge

Oral hygiene plays an important factor in the ongoing battle with our teeth. It helps to combat any bacteria build up on the surface of the teeth and the build up of tartar and plaque, all of which can lead to the breakdown of enamel and allow dental cavities to form. You are possibly at your most vulnerable if you skip a couple of dental appointments, for any form of decay sets in quickly and any cavities would have easily been discovered in an x-ray. You will first notice the symptoms of a cavity when you start to bite down on the offending tooth or expose it to hot and cold temperatures; it will send a shooting pain through your mouth. Other signs that a cavity is on the way is a tooth may become unusually discoloured on the surfaces. Now it’s time to act and get yourself checked out so that your dentist can get to work on you; in most cases, you may only require a filling which the easiest way out. But if the cavity is allowed to go further, the whole inside of the tooth will become infected, which requires root canal treatment to save it in the long run. If you have concerns, you can get more information about dental cavities from Mulberry dental Care of Walton,Surreyas they serve the Weybridge area.