Smiling in 6 Months in Surrey: Mulberry Dental Care tells you how

So fancy getting those crooked and annoying teeth sorted out in just six months, well if you get in touch with Mulberry Dental Care who serve most of Surrey, they will tell you exactly how- the 6 months smile. This cracking little brace takes all the best elements of traditional braces and brings them right up to date. Though it works for most problems in the mouth like awkward biting and overcrowding, it is especially designed for concentrating on only the teeth that are being a nuisance and show when you smile. Once some discreet little ceramic plates have been attached to the surface of the teeth, they are joined together by a single wire that fixes itself to the back of the mouth. As the treatment begins and the teeth start to move into place, you will need to pop back to your dentist from time to time in order to have it tightened, but you won’t be doing this for long because the teeth will move fast with this brace. Not only does it shave years off other opponents in the field, it is also cheaper as well, the average price starting from £1600 and considering how quick the brace works, it’s a steal at any price.