Smile Makeovers Available at Kingston Upon Thames Dental Clinic

Clinic if you are considering a smile makeup. The dentist will make some time for you to discuss at length what is involved in a smile makeover for your particular situation. Smile makeovers are performed specifically for each individual patient. The Kingston Upon Thames dentist will speak to you about your wants and needs. This is followed by a complete dental examination, along with dental X-rays, dental stone models, and digital photographs, and then a smile makeover analysis will be designed specifically for you and the outcome that you desire. Your Kingston Upon Thames dentist will show you the results that can be obtained for your situation, both on the computer screen and also waxed onto your dental stone models, and let you visualise the final results. The dentist staff can present several plans that will best fit your financial budget. Smile makeovers can include the following procedures: 1) teeth whitening; 2) dental bonding; 3) porcelain veneers; 4) dental crowns; 5) dental bridges; 6) orthodontics, 7) gingival reshaping; 8) dental implants; and/or 9) maxillofacial procedures.
Most dentists will not allow you to go ahead with a smile makeover until your mouth is disease free. This is good, because it will help your smile makeover to last, and save you a lot of aggravation and money.
Above, you have been given an overview of a smile makeover, Your Kingston Upon Thames dentist will not go ahead with a smile makeover until you fully understand what is involved in the smile makeover. The procedures can be relatively simple, or can be very complex and complicated (meaning that they will require some time and several dental visits). Your complete facial look, hair and makeup will be evaluated, as well as your dietary and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and anorexia/bulimia, as these can be very damaging to the materials used for a smile makeover, and your original teeth and gums. Be honest with you Kingston Upon Thames Dentist and they will be able to create a smile makeover that best suits your needs and desires!