Smile enhanced with dental veneers from Surbiton dentists

Who wouldn’t want to enhance their smile so that it looks better? Even with the finest standards of home oral care and regular visits to the dentist, it is possible to have one or two teeth which just don’t look as good as you’d like them to. There is an easy way to solve this though and you should take the time to talk to your dentist in Surbiton about dental veneers and what they can do for you.

Rather than removing a tooth that is perfectly functional but looks a little unsightly, dentists offer an excellent way to conceal the unsightliness but leave the healthy tooth intact in the mouth. Dental veneers are the solution. They are basically thin strips of tooth coloured material that are discreetly attached to the front of teeth to cover up a chip, crack or stubborn stain.

Increasingly, dental veneers are made from porcelain which has a number of properties that make it ideal for use on teeth. For a start it is extremely strong but, more than that, it can be used in very small amounts without any drop in the strength of it. This is ideal for dentistry because dentists don’t want the veneer to be too large, lest it is difficult to fit on and cumbersome too. Porcelain won’t stain either, so you won’t have to worry about that at all.

You won’t have to take much time out from your daily routine in order to get fitted with dental veneers. Modern technology allows Surbiton dentists to use digital techniques and fit dental veneers in just a short visit to the dentist, allowing you to walk out of the surgery with a brilliant, new smile.