Six Month Smile braces from Sunbury dentist changing nature of teeth straightening

Braces. A word that used to strike fear into the hearts of every teenager across the country. And who could blame them? Nobody would particularly relish the prospect of a mouth full of metal brackets and wires, painful tightening appointments and the aesthetic nightmare that was traditional braces; in some cases for as long as three years. But the world of orthodontic straightening has undergone some significant changes in recent years.

Driven by the obvious need to provide patients with a better way of achieving the straight teeth they wanted, various companies set about to design and manufacture new methods of straightening teeth. New pioneering techniques were developed that finally solved the problems that wearing traditional braces could cause.

One of the most successful of these new devices is called the Six Month Smile brace. Addressing all the major concerns of brace wearers, Six Month Smile braces are designed to be discreet, using smaller brackets and tooth coloured wires, to limit the visual impact a brace can have. They are also made to be more comfortable, with little or no need for painful tightening. But perhaps most significantly is the speed of treatment they can offer. The average treatment time for conventional braces was between two and three years, with Six Month Smile the average treatment time is, well, six months, hence the name.

This is an incredible advantage and one that is striking a chord with patients all across the UK. If in the past, the desire to have straighter teeth was outweighed by the thought of a three year long treatment, there can be few who would argue with a six month treatment to achieve the smile they have always wanted. To find out more about these incredible new braces, make an appointment with your Sunbury dentist and ask about Six Month Smile braces