Simply CEREC in Sunbury

There are some dental treatments that have that ‘wow’ factor and capture the imagination of the patient and in Sunbury’s world of cosmetic dentistry, there is nothing like getting a dental makeover and put that ‘wow’ back into your mouth. But now hold onto your hats, because even in this department, the world of dentistry has cranked it up a gear by giving us CEREC. Some of the best restoration work to the mouth comes in the form of veneers, bridges and crowns and have proved over and over again their durability and beauty. However, the whole treatment cycle could take up to a few weeks, your parts having to be made in a lab miles away, a bit like a Jumbo-jet flying the Atlantic, but for the impatient amongst us who want to fly Concorde then CEREC is for you because you can get these treatments done in an hour and a half- max! Yes, while you sit in the chair and have pretty pictures taken of your treatment area, these will be fed into a computer and then into an in-house milling machine and while your fitting is being made, you will prepared. Then you are fitted and off you go and the good thing about this is that if there is a problem, it can be rectified there and then, and if you look at the costs involved, it is pretty comparable to the older ways…WOW!