Shepperton dentists talk about dental hygeine

The preventive measures provided to avoid any dental problem is oral hygiene Maintain oral health is very important this can save a lot of time and money. In preventive oral care our family dentist, dental hygienist and our cosmetic dentist plays an important role. Brushing our teeth is the fundamental thing we do to keep our mouth clean. but brushing your teeth doesn’t remove the calculus or the dental plaque. As we know plaques is the main reason for many dental problems. By removing the calculus you are lowering the risk of tooth ache, periodontal diseases, cavities, tooth extractions, also you can reduce the chances of needing root canals, dental bridges, crowns and more.
What happens if the dental plaques are not removed on time?
Over time plaques builds up on the teeth when the calculus forms under the gum line. The areas under the gum line and between the teeth can’t be examined self.
Dental hygienist or your general dentists are responsible for tooth cleaning, scaling and removing the calculus deposits as well as removing the hardened tartar or the plaque. Sometime the dentist and the oral hygienist works together to give you the best. Regular dental visit is advised to everyone irrespective of the age to maintain a good oral hygiene at least ones in six month.