Shepperton Dentists Offer CEREC Crowns

You can visit the Shepperton Dental Clinic to have a crown fabricated for your tooth. There are numerous reasons why you may need a dental crown placed on a tooth, such as it being severely decayed or damaged. You may not have the time to be able to visit the dentist due to work or other obligations, and you want to know if the crown can be made at a single visit. Well, now the answer is “yes.” Your Shepperton dentist will introduce you to CEREC technology that can restore your tooth or teeth with a crown or crowns in a single visit which usually takes a little over an hour. Your Shepperton dentist uses local anaesthesia to numb your mouth in the area where they are performing dental work. The tooth is then shaped into a peg-like structure using a dental drill. All of the enamel and different amounts of dentin are removed, depending upon the extent of the decay or damage. Your Shepperton dentist tells you that the clinic has CEREC technology, allowing crown fabrication from a digital photo of the tooth preparation, which is then converted into a 3-D computerised model. Then the on-site dental laboratory will make the crown. The whole process usually takes about an hour.
If the dentist and laboratory are happy with the computer designed tooth/teeth, a high quality ceramic block is then milled in the on-site laboratory and shaded and coloured as desired. CEREC technology offers a very strong restoration and colour matches. After the CEREC crown is properly fitted, it is then cemented in place. With CEREC technology, your Shepperton dentist has more say in your final crown. These CEREC crowns cost slightly less than traditional crowns, however they are a bigger savings due to time saved at the dental office.