Shepperton dentists administer root canal treatment to clear pulp chambers of infection

Root canal treatment is a fairly well known dental procedure, but in name only. Many people do not actually know what the treatment involves or when it might be necessary to have it done. Read on to find out more about this complex and vital part of modern dentistry.

Many of the most common dental ailments tend to affect the exterior of teeth, like cavities or the development of cracks of chips. Indeed, many of the common dental procedures are also concerned essentially with the exteriors too: scaling and polishing to remove tartar and cosmetic bonding the fill in cavities.

But sometimes problems occur within the tooth itself. It won’t happen to everyone because teeth are naturally very tough, but a period of inadequate care or a one-off and unexpected accident can lead to a problem inside the tooth. This will require the dentist to gain access to what is inside the tooth.

Inside each and every tooth in your mouth is a mass of nerves, veins and vital tissues which help to keep the tooth alive and functional. Problems can occur if an infection invades this material. The consequences can be very painful indeed and result in constant and severe tooth ache. Rather than drilling into the tooth, dental research has found that the best way of dealing with any problem within what is known as the ‘pulp chamber’ is to enter the tooth via the root and through the canal which carries in the nerves and veins.

Talk to your Shepperton dentist about root canal treatment and why it might be necessary if an infection inside your tooth begins to cause problems.