Shepperton dentist replace missing tooth with dental bridge

Patients who have a missing tooth, either from accident or injury or due to dental problems such as decay, can feel embarrassed about the gap in their smile. A missing tooth can cause confidence and esteem issues and make people reluctant to smile. As well as causing psychological problems, a missing tooth can also be responsible for several physiological conditions. Because teeth act as rigid supports for facial muscles, a missing tooth can cause sagging of the facial muscles and negative changes in profile. Remaining teeth are inclined to lean into the space caused by a missing tooth, which can cause uncomfortable issues with bite. Missing teeth can also provide hollows that can become a breeding ground for bacteria, as they are difficult to clean.

For these reasons it is important to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible. One of the most common dental procedures to replace an absent tooth is a dental bridge. This is when an artificial tooth, or pontic, is secured to existing teeth on either side by dental crowns or bonding, creating the image of a full set. Dental bridges can be used to fill one or more empty spaces

There are several main types of dental bridge including the traditional fixed bridge where the pontic is fused to crowns on either side; the resin bonded bridge where the pontic is fused to existing teeth with strips of metal and resin; and the cantilever bridge where there are only existing teeth on one side of the gap so the pontic is attached to two or more teeth on that side.

A dental bridge will usually be fitted in two or three visits to the dentist. The dentist will need to take dental moulds prior to installation so that work can begin on the bridge in the laboratory. A dental bridge is a solid alternative to real teeth. It can act as support for facial muscles preventing the abovementioned sagging. If a dental bridge is properly cared for it can last up to seven years. Good standards of oral hygiene and regular dental check ups will help you preserve the bridge for as long as possible. Ask a Shepperton dentist about the replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge as soon as possible.