Shepperton dental practice offer advice about dentin

Discuss your dentin problems at a Shepperton dental practice to get all the advice you need to help protect your teeth. Dentin is one of the four major parts of a whole tooth, along with pulp, enamel, and cementum. It is made from calcified tissue and is most usually covered in enamel on the top of the tooth and cementum at its roots, it is the most common tissue in teeth and is what determines a tooth`s size and shape. It also determines the tooth’s colour due to the transparency of enamel so in order to change a tooth’s colour the colour of the dentin has to be changed as well. Dentin is made up of many microscopic channels which are called dental tubules which cover most of the tooth, when exposed due to its permeability it often causes problems such as tooth ache and decaying of the tooth. There are a few different varieties of dentin identified by appearance and its stage in development; Primary dentin is what most of the tooth is made from, secondary dentin develops after root formation is complete and forms a great deal slower than primary dentin and tertiary dentin is formed as a result of stimulus to the dentin such as a toxin or bacteria.