Shepperton Dental Clinic Treats Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding (also called bruxism) can be treated successfully at the Shepperton Dental Clinic. Teeth grinding occurs while you are sleeping and you may be unaware that you are grinding your teeth unless someone else tells you. There are many reasons for grinding your teeth including; nerves, malposed teeth, and discrepancies between the upper and lower jaws. Children also grind their teeth because they bite edge to edge and are not hitting with an overlap. When the adult teeth erupt, this usually improves. Your Shepperton dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment for your child and you, if you are grinding your teeth.

Teeth grinding isn’t usually a big problem, but can cause jaw, mouth, neck, and facial pain. Poor fillings, removable full or partial dentures, and/or missing teeth, can throw off the bite and lead to teeth grinding. The dentist will check your .mouth for wear patterns, and take impressions to have stone models made of your mouth, so that the teeth’s wear patterns can be observed. A bite equilibration may be performed, or the dentist may have the dental laboratory make a hard or a soft type of mouth guard to help keep you from damaging your teeth anymore. These appliances work to help diagnose the teeth grinding problem, and to help solve the problems. If you are grinding your teeth, your dentist will be able to detect the wear patterns on the appliance. You could possibly be referred to a specialist depending on what type of treatment is required to resolve your teeth grinding. Many types of appliances and treatments exist for teeth grinding, and these will be reviewed at your Shepperton Dental Clinic. The problem could also be a very easy fix, such as adjusting the bite on one or two teeth. Visit your Shepperton dentist and get some advice if this problem occurs!