Sedation Dentistry By A Surrey Dentist

If you have had a bad experience at the dentist in the past, chances are, you aren’t going to be in hurry to get back there, writes a Surrey dentist. Like a dog outside a vets, you are loathe to go inside just so you can suffer pain and torture! Dental phobias are a very real problem. Some people have no problems with routine dental work, others however, would prefer to be unconcious for a check-up. In certain cases where a person moves around a lot such as mentally ill patients, people with extreme phobias or even children, sedation can be a god-send. As is sometimes the case if the treatment is long and complex- root canals, mouth reconstuction, etc. Sedation dentistry is the use of drugs used to relax a patient during the visit and can be administered in many ways. Oral sedatives- which can take up to an hour to work, are usually combined with an injection. This allows the area being worked on to be free of pain, yet still gives the patient awareness of procedures. Nitrous Oxide and IV will put a patient out but not under completely, though there will be little recollection afterwards; IV is more controlled in this instance because the dentist can continue to administer the sedative through the operation. Finally, a general anesthesia will render a patient unconscious. Although being ‘put under’ is probably the option most people would take, especially in long procedures, it does mean you are putting yourself and your trust in the hands of someone you barely know. This is where a consultation is important. The dentist will advise you on a course of action and having a one-to-one and all the facts, can give you that trust and that should make the visit, at the very least, bearable!