Sealing your Kid’s Teeth Kingston-upon-Thames

There are many ways that we try to protect our teeth from decay throughout our lives, from brushing to flossing to mouth-washing: we also have the best ally a person can get- our dentist. But essentially, we do have a good sense and sensibility of how to go about such things. This however cannot be said for our young children who are still coming to terms with just how big the world is! We can try to teach them about brushing their teeth and how to look after their oral health- they may well become accomplished at it too, but there is nothing that you can do about what they shovel into to their mouths when you are not looking- particularly prevalent when they trot off to school. Tooth decay is a constant threat to kids, especially on the surfaces of the back teeth where they love to munch on all those fantastic sugary sweets and chocolate, but help is at hand. Dental sealants are one of those inventions that most parents wished were around in their day. There are no hefty preparations involved in fitting them: the tooth is washed and dried before a gel is applied to the chewing surfaces. Again the tooth is washed and dried before the sealant is brushed on which will start to set after about a couple of minutes. Simple to do, the sealant can last up to ten years, by which time you hope that your child has learnt to understand all about oral health inKingston-upon-Thamesand you too can learn more about sealants from Mulberry Dental Care of Walton- they serve the area.