Save you Tooth with Root Canal Treatment in Worcester Park

Root canal treatment in available in Worcester Park, and can save your tooth. Root canal treatment is performed when the tooth decay extends into the pulp of the tooth, or very close to the pulp. The dental pulp is located in the centre of the tooth, and is made up of different cells and tissues, and contains the tooth’s blood and nerve supply. The tooth begins to die when bacteria and their by-products come into contact with the pulp, usually resulting in pain. Root canal treatment can be performed by a dentist or an endodontist (a root canal specialist). After the tooth is anaesthetized it is isolated using a rubber dam and an access hole is drilled into the pulp of the tooth. The infected pulp and tooth dentin is then removed using drills and root canal files. The inside of the tooth is sterilized and thoroughly dried before to root canal is filled with gutta percha (i.e., root canal filling material). An antibiotic is usually prescribed, and the toothache goes away in about 24 hours. Sometimes pain medication is required for a few days. So go visit your Worcester Park dentist and save your tooth with a root canal!