Saliva Test for Diagnosing Oral Cancer in Molesey

Considered to be the sixth most common cancer in men, oral cancer spreads quickly accounting for the high rate of death. Early diagnosis is important in order for the patient to enjoy a good prognosis. In recent years, saliva test has been used to detect oral cancer. You can ask your  dentist regarding such test.

Patients diagnosed with oral cancer at an early stage can enjoy an 80 to 90 percent survival. Before, diagnosis of oral cancer relied on physical signs and symptoms. These symptoms include:

• Mouth ulcers
• Red or white patches
• Other unusual changes in the mouth
• Risk factors such as smoking

Usually, any suspicious findings will prompt the dentist to run further tests such as:

• Biopsy
• Blood test
• Body scans
• X-rays

But with the discovery of saliva testing, diagnosis becomes more efficient. The saliva test involves analysis for certain bacterial species which were found to be present in high amounts in patients with oral cancer. These species include:

• Prevetolla melaninogenica
• Streptococcus mitis
• Capnocytophaga gingivalis

Although these bacteria have been suspected to be the cause for the oral cancer, their presence certainly confirms the disease.

Once the oral cancer has been diagnosed, your dentist will work with an oncologist to present your with several treatment options. These options usually include:

• Radiotherapy
• Surgery
• Chemotherapy

Again, early detection of the disease is important for a higher chance of survival. Visit your Molesey dentist regularly to monitor your oral health.