Revolutionary Technology Brings Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames Effective White Fillings

Whilst fillings have become a regular part of our dentist appointments we tend to think of them as the dark silver, mercury filled type which look obvious in our mouths. They stand out and are far from discreet. The more we have, the more noticeable they often become.

Mulberry Dental Care offer a unique technology using white fillings for patients living near Kingston-upon-Thames and adjacent areas. Your Mulberry dentist has a large array of different shades of white so that the filling can match your teeth colour. The closer to your natural teeth colour the more discreet the white filling will look. The white fillings do not contain mercury or any metals which many patients prefer.


White fillings can sometimes be a little more difficult to apply to the teeth, but on the bright side less of the tooth needs to be removed than traditional metal fillings.

A local anaesthetic is given to the area around the teeth being filled and any decay or problem areas will be removed from the teeth. An innovative light technology is used in the procedure to both prepare the tooth when the filling is added and also during the setting phase of the treatment. The filling are then shaped and set in place.

Other reasons to choose white fillings

Having briefly touched upon how discreet the white fillings are, you can perhaps put them into the same category as invisible braces. When you open your mouth people will not be met by a mouth full of metal but a mouth that looks whiter than white. No one will be able to count your fillings (apart from your dentist) and you won’t feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing. What’s better is that after your white filling treatment you are able to continue your life as normal. Magic!