Restore your smile in a day with CEREC technology from Weybridge dentist

Recent advances in dental technology have made stunning improvements possible in the quality and speed of dental treatment. Nowhere is this more evident than with CEREC. An abbreviation for ceramic reconstruction, CEREC has utilised the very latest in computer-aided design and manufacture to produce microscopically accurate dental crowns and veneers in a fraction of the time previously possible.

In the past, to make a dental crown a dentist would have to take a series of dental moulds and x-rays. These could take several days to develop and cast before the manufacturing process could begin. This could then take days to create an accurate porcelain veneer. With CEREC this whole process can be accomplished in little more than half an hour.

Using 3D imaging and digital x-rays, the dentist can create an exact three-dimensional picture of the patient’s mouth and teeth. Using this image they can design a crown or veneer and instruct the computer to fabricate it from a single piece of porcelain using a computer-guided mill. Each tooth can be milled in just over six minutes and will be incredibly accurate.

Dental crowns have many uses in dentistry but fundamentally they are used to protect teeth and restore their cosmetic appearance. Veneers are also used to protect teeth and enhance the aesthetic appearance. This new technology has improved the quality of dental substitutes and reduced appointment and waiting times for all patients.

To experience the latest dental technology, make an appointment to see a Weybridge dentist and ask about the benefits of CEREC. If you are suffering from dental problems such as cracked or broken teeth or discolouration, you could have your smile restored in as little as one afternoon.