Replacing Missing Teeth in Molesey

It’s a credit to the world of technology, that dentistry has so many options to keep your mouth in healthy condition. There is literally nothing the modern dentist cannot do to keep that smile on your face and in Molesey, you can find an incredible array of options to replace a missing tooth too. Though it isn’t always vital to replace a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth in the mouth do tend to move and can be vulnerable to a build up of bacteria from the gap. Multiple tooth-loss can also result in premature aging in the face surrounding the gaps as the muscles start to sag. Partial or full dentures offer a good solution but they can be awkward to wear, although dental implants can help to keep them in place. But then, if you are going too have implants fitted, you may as well go the whole hog and get a completely new set of teeth that will restore your mouth to its former glory and then some. Implants are very robust and once fitted, last you a lifetime. They can also be used to reinforce the fitting of a dental bridge. Bridges are a tried and tested method of teeth replacement and probably the cheapest, permanent option available. The most common is a tooth that is attached to two adjacent crowns and then cemented onto the teeth either side of the gap. Bridges do require attentive cleaning, but are strong and sustain the balance of the mouth.