Replace missing teeth with dental bridge from Weybridge dentist

A dental bridge is one of the simplest ways to restore the appearance of a lost or knocked out tooth that also preserves its functionality and dental health benefits. It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, as even one vacant space in the dental arc can have a severe negative impact on the remaining teeth.

Missing teeth can leave hollows which harbour dangerous plaque forming bacteria, which will then attack other teeth. This is especially true for patients who have already lost teeth to decay or infection. Theses hollows are very difficult to clean thoroughly and need to be filled with a dental prosthetic. Vacant tooth spaces can also encourage movement within the dental arc that can result in bite interruption and painful jaw and joint conditions.

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap between missing teeth acting as a rigid support, filling in any hollow preventing the build up of bacteria and restoring the use of a functional tooth. The bridge itself is an artificial tooth, known as a pontic, attached on either side with a dental crown. The pontic is attached to the crowns using either dental bonding or resin bonded strips.

A dental bridge from a Weybridge dentist can last up to fifteen years if properly maintained, serving all the purposes of a real tooth and looking cosmetically accurate. The pontic can be specifically matched to the other teeth in the mouth for the most lifelike appearance. Dental bridges are one of the most affordable solutions to losing a tooth and don’t involve the unnecessary hassle of a less permanent replacement such as plate or partial denture.