Regular visits to Weybridge dentists are the best way to stop bad teeth developing

There are two main stakeholders when it comes to the health of your teeth: you and your dentist. You should be working together to make sure that your teeth stay in excellent health, with all the benefits that that will bring. What you and your dentist are essentially looking avoid is the poor oral health that will lead to bad teeth and the negative consequences that follow.

Healthy teeth ought to be strong and free from sensitivity so that you can eat and drink substances that are a wide range of temperatures without experiencing any pain. They should be a nice shade of white, although it should be noted that staining on the teeth does not necessarily mean that they are in poor health. What should be looked out for though is the deep yellowish colour that can signify that plaque has hardened into tartar.

To achieve healthy teeth you ought to be brushing them twice a day, usually in the morning and evening. Use a tooth brush that is comfortable to hold and applied with tooth paste that contains fluoride. Brush all the areas of your mouth but be careful not to do so with excess force as you might damage your gums. When it comes to gums, flossing in between your teeth is a great help to them. You don’t want them to become inflamed and diseased because that can actually cause teeth to be lost in the long term.

Going to see your Weybridge dentist will be a great help too as they can look for any problems in your mouth and make sure that they are dealt with before you have to deal with the consequences of bad teeth.