Recession Taking its Toll on Dental Health in Shepperton

The current scenario of unemployment and credit crunch following recession has caused a major setback to the dental and oral health of people in Shepperton. The number of people losing their jobs these days has gone up so high that in turn it is forcing them to forgo their dental insurance. More and more families are finding it difficult to meet daily living expenses, hence the first thing that gets delayed are medical treatments especially dental ones.

The current economic crisis has also increased the cost of dental treatments making it unaffordable for most. The field of Cosmetic dentistry has suffered the worst setback since many feel that these procedures are one of luxury and not a necessity. This has forced many dentists to lay-off their staff or even close down their clinics.

While the private dental clinics are suffering, it is exactly the opposite scenario for dentists who impart treatment for patients with public insurance or no insurance at all. The queue at such clinics is long with their appointment registers overflowing. People are being asked to wait as long as 5 months for a non-emergency procedure.

The oral health of a vast majority is getting affected due to the current financial trouble and unemployment. The worst to be hit are young children who require preventive dental check-ups and prompt dental treatments to ensure good oral health. Putting off dental treatments is a cause of concern for the entire country as this reflects on the overall health of its citizens.