Pure Dental freedom through Implants in Kingston-upon-Thames

It can be quite tragic when your teeth start to fall out- for whatever the reason in Kingston-upon-Thames, but it is also the most imperative time to do something about it in order to maintain the future health of your mouth….and that may well involve getting a replacement if your tooth has been lost. There are several ways you can go about this but one of the more permanent options is to have a dental implant fitted. Once a very complex treatment, this has now become a very simple procedure thanks to the evolvement of technology and you can be in and out in a day now. Yes, you still have to have a titanium rod screwed into your jaw, but it has never been easier, and once it is in, it’s there for life and devoid of infection and problems from infection. This sort of surgery can be done in a day now and it will give you a freedom that dentures never can. It can be a little pricey compared to other treatments, but you can set yourself up with insurance or a payment plan- just ask Mulberry Dental who serve the area, because this is a far better option to dentures and again, the freedom gained from this is unbelievable when it comes to tooth loss.