Protect yourself from oral cancer at Molesey dentist

One of the most serious problems that can affect the mouth is oral cancer. This is a potentially life threatening condition that occurs in the oral cavity but one that can be treated effectively in caught in its early stages. The longer the disease is allowed to develop untreated the greater the chances of it becoming fatal.

There are many risk factors that make you more likely to suffer from the condition. These include:

• Age – You are more likely to suffer from oral cancer if you are over the age of 40

• Sex – Males are twice as likely to suffer from oral cancer as women

• Weight – Patients who are overweight are also more likely to suffer from oral cancer as those patients who are in good shape and of a healthy weight

• Lifestyle – Smoking any kind of tobacco product significantly increases your risk of contracting oral cancer. Drinking alcohol also greatly increases the risk. When the two factors are combined the risk becomes even more heightened as the two combined can be very destructive to the cells and tissue in the mouth

However, it must be remembered that everyone is at risk from oral cancer and that 25 per cent of patients who contract oral cancer have none of the high risk factors.

The best way to beat oral cancer is to have a regular check up with a Molesey dentist. They can examine the mouth every six months or more regularly if desired. They can check for any suspicious signs and conduct a brush biopsy of any tissue. If the results come back positive they can refer you immediately to a specialist for treatment. This is the best way of beating oral cancer and keeping yourself safe from this very dangerous and destructive condition.