Proper Oral Hygiene for Infants and Older Babies in Surrey

New parents should understand that newborn babies are more prone to oral conditions such as infections and oral thrush because of their relatively-weaker immune system. For this reason, you should work with your Surrey dentist to ensure that the correct oral hygiene program is implemented to ensure your child’s oral health.

Newborn Babies
Breastfeeding can actually transmit bacteria and germs to your baby via the skin. It is therefore important that you clean the area around your nipple before feeding your baby. Since most babies are bottle-fed, parents should make sure that the bottles and plastic nipples are sterilised before use. If your baby uses a pacifier or a dummy, this should be sterilised as well.

Although oral thrush is quite common among babies, it might be a good idea to buy a new set of feeding equipment especially if the oral disease is recurring.

Older Babies
Since teeth begin to appear during the sixth month, your baby should be checked regularly by a Surrey dentist in order to monitor signs of dental cavities. If your baby drinks plenty of juices and eat sweets, then they are more prone to cavities. To minimize this, make sure you give juices in a feeding cup and softly brush the baby’s teeth daily. The gums and tongue should also be cleaned using gauze or cotton dipped in sterile water.

During teething, it is best that you consider these tips:

• Remove dribble and saliva gently
• Put Vaseline around mouth if soreness or irritation occurs
• Ask your dentist fro a mild pain reliever

Most dentists prescribe fluoride supplements as soon as the first set of teeth appears to strengthen them. Again, you can ask your dentist regarding this.