Practice revolutionised in Weybridge dental surgeries thanks to digital x-rays

Anything that can reduce the time that patients need to spend in the dental surgery is surely good news. Dental appointments have been a thorn in the side of employers for many years now, especially if their staff are needing to take a whole morning, afternoon or even the entire day off work because of an oral procedure. But things are changing in dental surgeries which mean that practices can be carried out quicker than ever. Dentists can fit more patients in and patients often see their costs reducing.

The use of digital x-rays is at the heart of this change. Traditional x-rays have done a fine job for many years but they did have their drawbacks. For one thing, every single x-ray would have to be developed by expert staff in a special lab. This meant that the results could not be instantly seen and both patient and dentist would have to wait. This was costly too because the staff at the lab would have to be paid. This cost was, of course, passed on to the customer.

The results of digital x-rays can be seen instantly on the computer screen and, best of all, they are in three dimensions. The world is not flat but traditional x-rays are, meaning that repeated x-rays would have to take to get different views on different angles of one tooth. This is eliminated with digital x-rays and the data can be used instantly to fashion things like porcelain dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns.

Ask your Weybridge dentist about how digital x-rays are changing things so that your dental work can be carried out at greater speed, more efficiently and with reduced costs.