Porcelain veneers can improve the look of your smile, say Kingston-Upon-Thames dentists

Having a smile you can be proud of will give you a massive boot in the way you see yourself and your life. You have probably just got used to it if your smile is not quite perfect but it isn’t something that you have to simply put up with. There are things that your expert dentist can do to make your smile look terrific and leave you feeling confident and happy with your image.

If you have crooked misaligned teeth, you will get them straightened out with a brace or an aligner, but what about if you have a tooth at the front of your mouth which is stained, cracked or chipped? The answer is to ask your dentist about stunning porcelain veneers. These effective covers for unsightly teeth leave you with a beautiful looking smile having undergone a simple treatment that won’t break the bank.

Essentially a thin strip of porcelain is attached to the front of the tooth, covering up the element that you do not wish to be seen. Porcelain is lightweight but also durable and has the added bonus that it won’t become stained because, in many ways, it is like glass in that respect. Some of the existing tooth might need to be removed so that the porcelain dental veneer can fit just perfectly, but this is not always necessary because of how thin modern veneers can be.

The days of lengthy visits to the surgery are becoming a thing of the past and porcelain veneers can be fitted by your Kingston-Upon-Thames in just one trip. You won’t need to take a few days of work to have the work done and can walk out of the surgery with your mouth looking the way you want it to look.