Plugging the Gaps in Your Fillings in Sunbury

When you sit down in the dentist’s chair and have a filling done in Sunbury, the idea is that the crevasses and crannies in your tooth or teeth will be filled.

Now this tends to work very well when using metal fillings and it should equally work as well with plastic ones. The thing is, anything that is hot when applied, tends to shrink a little as it cools and this can leave a gap between the surface of the tooth and the filling, which rather defeats the whole operation, as these gaps are a haven for bacteria, causing more decay to set in. It doesn’t mean that the whole filling needs to be removed, but it should be touched up in order to prevent further damage taking place.

These gaps can be sealed by applying another layer of plastic film into the cracks to shore up the holes. They can also be sealed better by using dental bonding, as this relies on a series of layers being built up until the gaps are securely plugged. The use of plastics for fillings has arisen more out of vanity than practicability, as they look better than grey metal ones so a lot of people are turning to this method of treatment for cosmetic reasons.

However, before you make your choice, you should sit down and discuss your options, as there are a lot of different types of plastic fillings to choose from. Remember, this procedure should not be based on vanity alone and you’ll need the best filling you can get to ensure your teeth remain healthy and free from decay.