People in Shepperton are trying out Inman aligners to straighten their teeth

If your upper and lower front teeth are misaligned, I suggest you use Inman aligners to straighten your teeth. Many dentists in Shepperton use Inman aligners instead of Invisalign invisible braces system as they work faster and better in straightening of teeth. However it is not suggested for use in treating crowded teeth.
Inman aligner is not clear, and has a removable visible metal bar in front of the teeth that moves your teeth over time. A coiled spring on its lingual side and the metal bar forces and squeezes the teeth into position by pulling and pushing your teeth.
Treatment with Inman aligner is faster than invisible braces and may last between 6 to 16 weeks. It depends on how long you wear them every day as you can remove it when required. However the longer you wear it, the faster your teeth are aligned. For best results, wear them for about 20 hours a day, preferably every day.
Though Inman aligner will feel uncomfortable at first, over time, you will get used to it. Many of my patients experience some problems with speech at first, but soon get used to it.
When compared to invisible braces, Inman aligners are comparatively lower in cost. However its cost depends on the dentist’s expertise, the amount of treatment required, the length of treatment and where the treatment is carried out. However be ready to shell out about 1,000 to 1,500 pounds per treatment.
So the advantages of the Inman aligner is that it is cheaper than invisible braces, can be removed for you to eat comfortably, needs shorter treatment periods and only a single aligner is used for a treatment. Its only disadvantages are that it is not as discreet as invisible braces and is not available in all Shepperton clinics.