Patients from Molesey Receive a Helping Hand in Their Choice of Dental Crowns at Mulberry Dental Care

The wonderful thing about Mulberry dental care is that it has the answers to all of the dental queries of patients from Molesey and nearby vicinities, especially when it comes to the delicate subject of teeth reconstruction.

If you have suffered with serious dental decay and have had to have a root canal treatment, you will have to have a crown fitted in order to reinstate the strength and size of the tooth. This will protect your bit and, of course, keep your smile looking pretty.

The most common crowns are made from porcelain and porcelain-over-metal. Both look attractive in the mouth, although the latter is designed more for strength, but the real show off/trendy option is to have a crown constructed from gold. This has enormous strength, whilst bringing a very youthful, ‘in’ look to your smile.

Your dentist will also help you make an informed decision, which will help restore the strength and appearance of your smile.