Patients from Molesey can have a Dashing Dental Implant at Mulberry Dental Care

No patients from Molesey or nearby areas like tooth loss, as it can looks ugly and is unhealthy for the bite of the mouth as well. It can also cause the face to sag, meaning you will look younger than you are.

Dental implants have all the answers to tooth loss and involve a small titanium spike being implanted into the jaw using pin-point laser surgery. Once you have recovered from the short, healing process, the new tooth is attached to your new implant.

To some people, this can sound like quite an extreme answer to tooth loss but you should take heart from the fact that this has now become a refined and routine procedure to have.

Dental implants not only rejuvenate the look of your mouth by giving you a completely youthful aura to your mouth, but also provide the structure your face needs to keep looking young. Teeth are important to us and dental implants can help us to prolong the look of our smiles.

If you have suffered tooth loss you should get down to your dentist and discuss the possibilities of having dental implant treatment.