Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames are Choosing the Dainty Damon Braces at Mulberry Dental Care

There are a lot of braces to choose from these days, all promising perfect results; some work faster than others, some are designed to do more complex and through Mulberry dental care, patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and adjacent areas can get one that appears to do the lot – the Damon and it truly is a dainty little brace. It consists of a number of frictionless brackets that are held together by a light wire and all anchored at the back of the mouth. What sets it aside from other braces is that the wires are self-tightening so it adjusts itself as the teeth start to move which in the long run means two things: it cuts down the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist and works very fast- a good third faster than most other braces. The Damon is also very versatile and can cope with a range of orthodontic procedures from minor problems like gaps in the teeth, protruding and crooked teeth to more complex work such as crowding and over, under and cross bite. It also eliminates the need to have teeth extracted before the treatment begins (except in extreme cases). Overall, this painless little brace ticks all the boxes in the world of orthodontic treatments on the market today and is probably one of the most versatile around.