Overseas Dental Treatment-The Facts in Kingston-upon-Thames

It is very possible that you may have walked around some dentists in Kingston-upon-Thames and worried about the prices of some treatments, especially if you have seen prices abroad at almost a third, to half of what they are here.

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking you could kill two birds with one stone and have a ‘dental holiday’, people do it and some come back with tremendous results for next to nothing. The emphasis here is on the word ‘some’, because ‘most’ come back in a worse state than they left.

You have got to remember, you are going into cultures that you know nothing of and that have totally different standards when it comes to dentistry. If you are adamant that this is for you, then no-one is stopping you from doing so, but you would be wise to do your homework before you set off. Always check the qualifications of the person doing your work and see how they relate to those of a British dentist, as otherwise it could be the local builder doing your work and moonlighting to make ends meet for his family.

Your local dentist will be able to advise you on such matters and fill you in with the information you need before you make your decision.