Opting for White fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames

You would think that the reason behind people opting for white fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames is purely a cosmetic one. Well, that is true to a point for they do look amazingly natural in the mouth and the amalgam filling can look very old and ugly. But there are some countries that have banned the use of amalgam fillings altogether because of the lead content in them. However, white fillings don’t come without their own irritating little problems as a Surrey practice is quick to point out. For a start, they are generally classed as cosmetic, so it is not widely done on the NHS, although this is starting to change. They are also considered to have a shorter shelf life than amalgam because of how these contract within the tooth, hence annoyingly, they just fall out, although this is also down to their placement in the mouth as well and what forces are going through them. Annoyingly for those who have amalgam fillings, the dentist will advise strongly against having them replaced purely for cosmetic purposes. However, the materials used in white fillings are evolving and they are getting stronger, but there is no denying how much better they look in the mouth.