New smile in an afternoon with porcelain veneers from Weybridge dentist

With the proliferation of TV makeover shows, you can’t help but notice that one of the first issues they address is always the teeth. This is because healthy, white and even looking teeth can have more effect on your appearance than an entire new wardrobe. The most common procedure performed in these shows is almost always to fit porcelain veneers. This is because veneers are the perfect solution to restore the appearance of teeth that are damaged, unevenly spaced or badly discoloured.

But what exactly are porcelain veneers? Simply put, they are ceramic caps that are manufactured to fit over the existing teeth to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. They are designed and manufactured especially for the individual’s teeth and can be cemented using composite dental bonding. Once fixed in place they can perform all the functions of natural teeth and if properly maintained can last for well over twenty years.

Veneers are made from porcelain, which is a type of ceramic because it is very durable and also has a similar appearance to natural tooth enamel. It is also resistant to staining helping to keep the teeth looking white and healthy for longer.

Thanks to new technology, it is now possible to design and fit porcelain veneers in only one appointment. Three-dimensional imaging from digital x-rays allows the dentist to design the veneers to microscopic specifications before using a computer-guided mill to sculpt them from a single piece of porcelain. Because the porcelain is a single piece rather than layered it is incredibly strong and resistant to breaking.

Porcelain veneers can completely transform the appearance of a smile and take years off the appearance of any patient. If you are not happy with your natural smile it is now within the realms of possibility to completely change it in a matter of hours. Ask a Weybridge dentist about the possibilities and cost of porcelain veneers.