Multiple dental implants is discussed by a Shepperton dentist

Multiple dental implants are not unusual these days, the cost of this treatment has dramatically come down says a Shepperton dentist. A dental implant is a false tooth that is screwed directly into the jaw, it acts, feels and can be used just like a natural tooth. The many problems they solve are a God send to the patient; this is usually a single tooth that is replacing a problem natural tooth. A misaligned tooth can make a smile look awkward; a chipped tooth is painful and will constantly catch on the flesh in the mouth. These are just two problems that dental implants solve. The other main advantage with implants is that they can be used successfully to replace more than a single tooth, and keep the line and colour of the remaining teeth. Once the problem teeth have been removed and the jaw line cleaned, a plate is fitted directly onto the jaw to take the new implants. The plate requires drilling into the jaw to take the screws that anchor the teeth. Where a line of implants are needed individual plates can be fitted to take all the new ones, and in one sitting. The reason this is done is so that in the future a new individual tooth can be replace a worn out or damaged implant. The implants are made together from digital photos taken at the first sitting; the dentist will make the implants so the colouration matches not just the natural teeth, but the other implants. The implants are then just literally screwed into place; the infusion with the bone takes around 3-6 months. The patient can then use the teeth just as they used their natural teeth before they lost them, although they can start using them straight away to chew soft foods.