Mulberry Dental Care Gives You The Low-Down On A Root Canal In Kingston-Upon-Thames

Mulberry Dental Care of Walton can help give advice to anyone in Kingston-upon-Thames about problems with tooth decay, as it seems to be an issue that never goes away and the main reason for this is poor oral hygiene. It is a result of acids eroding away at the surface of the teeth, acids from foods and drinks that have not been removed correctly. Normally, if you have a toothache, it is the early sign that you have may be suffering from the early stages of tooth decay. If this is caught quickly, you may get away with a filling, but if the inside of the tooth has become infected, then you will have to have root canal treatment. This method involves opening the top of the tooth and then clearing out the dead pulp so that the roots can then be drilled out. In bygone days, this could be quite a complex operation, and a painful one too, but it is a necessary procedure in order to save the tooth and prevent the problem spreading further. Once the root canal has been completed, then the inside of tooth is disinfected and filled- depending on the amount of damage done to the tooth, this would normally be finished off by the placement of a crown in order to give the tooth back its shape and strength and to maintain the ‘bite’ of the mouth.