Molesley dentists help put a stop to dental phobia

Visiting a dental professional every six months or whenever you have a problem with your mouth is vital in order to maintain good oral hygiene. However, many people feel anxious about going to see their dentist. This condition, called dental phobia, affects as many as one in every five British women and one in every ten men, according to a recent study.

Overcoming dental phobia can be difficult, especially as it can often stem from feelings and memories left over from childhood. These feelings are deep rooted. It might be that you have a fear of needles or remember a particularly painful dental procedure you underwent as a younger person.

Memories of a personal disagreement with a member of staff at the dental surgery can have a similar effect and put you off from making the appointment. There is nothing worse than feeling that your dentist was unsympathetic to your problems and you might feel that you simply don’t want to see them again. Negative stereotypes in the media don’t help this either.

It might be that you just have a very busy schedule and feel that you don’t have the time to visit your dentist. This avoidance does not stem from feeling anxious but it is important that you make the time nonetheless.

Modern dentistry has changed a lot, probably far more than you realise. Most procedures are not as painful as they used to be thanks to pain free gels and dentists take the time to relax their patients. If you have a grievance with your dentist it is important that you find a new one rather than not having check ups at all.

Allowing a dental professional to thoroughly examine your mouth is the best way to avoid having to undergo invasive surgery as you have a greater likelihood of catching any problem early. Talk to your Molesly dentist today about how to overcome dental phobia.