Modern images through Digital X-rays in Molesey

The beautiful thing about modern dentistry is that it’s based on older theories in the trade, that if you catch something going wrong early on, you have a better chance of nipping it in the bud. Modern dentists in Molesey have that luxury because of the way technology has advanced out of sight. The perfect way of highlighting this is by comparing old x-ray methods to modern digital ones. The old x-ray could take weeks to process a problem by which time it would have got worse. They were also cumbersome to store for a dentist, taking up bags of space around the surgery. The modern digital x-ray is remarkable: once the image has been taken, it is flashed up on a computer screen straight away so the dentist can get to work on you right away. They are so precise and even 3-D images can be produced of any area inside the mouth for a more comprehensive picture, as opposed to the old one dimensional image. But the real bonus for the dentist is that they can be stored easily on the computer, sourced at anytime and even e-mailed off to other specialists in dental fields for analysis and second opinions. All this can only be beneficial to the patient and the speed of treatment.